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28 April 2009

Assumption College

We'd like to call this "new building. I remember in my junior year, I followed my "enfa" to her room. What is enfa? It's our barkada's code for infatuation. No, we're not homos or bi's. Since entering Assumption, I had this major crush on a girl. I especially appreciate her beauty, intelligence, and her fashion sense. One look at her and you can sense her wit. It went on until I graduated. I sort of stalked her for four years. Whenever I see her around campus, I'd feel refreshed. Our code for her was chubby bunny. She still has a special place. Too much information.
Aww.. our classroom for guidance and counselling
The registrar. Only the couch has changed.
The CR in the old building beside our classroom for Rizal.
The drinking fountain!

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