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22 April 2009

My 25th

The birthday last year was so-so. In fact, there was nothing special.

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I still don't have plans. All I can think of is my age. I don't wanna grow a year older. I wanna stop at 20.

The husband keeps asking me what I want to do or what I want to receive from him. Right now, there is really nothing I can think of..

A new laptop? Nice to have but I don't need a new one.

A new phone? Well I'm still lusting over iphone but I'm still happy with my N95.

Out of town, Boracay, maybe? I'm not so much in the mood for that. Last time I went there, I was pregnant and couldn't get intoxicated. Right now, I'm breastfeeding.

A MAC desktop? I want that for our new house in the near future.

You see, I really can't think of anything.

All I requested from him is just to bring me to Assumption. That's it.
Babaw noh?
Let's just say I want to relive our tootie-patootie moments. Hahaha.
Yun lang.

I'm quite easy to please.
But we'll see, maybe I can drag him to a mall or somehting. Lagot!

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