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23 May 2009

Back In Track

The other day, I thought of hopping over Jobstreet to see if there are work from home jobs as tipped off by my friend who works for Jobstreet Select. There were a few. Still, Philippines is not grasping that market-- individuals who are better of working from home or as freelancers.

Cut the story short, I applied to one of those ads and got a call hours after.

I was considered for an account executive position. Mostly field work but my base will be in High Street. Oh, how convenient for me and my kids! It's with an advertising firm.

I really really really hope the interview I had yesterday would bring positive feedback.

Because, c'mon, where else in The Fort can you find a job that is not call center? Having been there, I realized it's not for me, in terms of culture. Even before graduating, I knew it wasn't for me and I had to get in just to confirm it.

Even my husband thinks so. It's just different. But I had a good time there and experience.

I hope the interview turns out well and no need for me to apply for a small business loans, well, not for now.

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