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12 May 2009

Email To Win

Just the other day, I received an email from my brother in law which I thought was a joke, with the subject Sonny Ericsson. But then I thought it's so rare for him to email me, then I decided to read it. You see, I don't read "junk" emails like that--no chain emails, no jokes, no donation emails. None of those. I hate those. Time wasters, I have enough in my cyber-life. And I mean more thn enough.
So I immediately forwarded the email to more than 20 people I know. And I decided to blog about it, maybe get additional points for doing this. Haha.
Here it is, feel free to send the image and my link o everyone iin your address book.

Ms. Anna Swelung, this one's for you.


Anonymous said...

Marlon said...

I highly doubt this one but hey, no harm in trying right?nice blog., first time ko dito...

Pls let me hear your thoughts,