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02 May 2009

I'm Officially In Love

Ok, Let me catch my breath first..
First look and I'm in love. Head over heels in love.Meet Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Ballet Flats

Price range is around $400++.

I'm a sucker for flats. Way before Tory Burch and all those other brands.
Back in college, I refused to wear heels. I always chose comfort. While my barkada was wearing heeled loafers or mary jane pumps, I would always go for flats.

You just have got to love flats.
Tomorrow, ze husband will bring me to Greenbelt.
You know why....

YEY! As in major yey!

1 comment:

Vannie said...

i love ferragamo flats! i have one (around 5 years na!) and it really is an investment piece. pricey, yes, but the durability and timeless design makes it a reasonable purchase.