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17 June 2009

The Next Day

We've looong been planning to make an effort in losing weight by jogging. I think I need this also to build my endurance. I would loove to have more endurance especially during *bleep*.

We jogged for about 45 minutes when strong rains started pouring in High Street.
I forgot how tiring and challenging it was to jog. Maybe because I wasn't wearing a sports bra that I had a harder time running.

Since we were running in the vicinity of High Street, I couldn't resist the urge to take at look at some of the stuff in Mos Design. Italian FURNITURE.. ooh-la-la. Wouldn't it be nice to have a big house just so you can fit everything pretty in it?

I hope to be able to continue this. I want to live a somehow active and healthy lifestyle plus ze husband and I get to spend an hour of alone time together.

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