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17 June 2009

Trip To The South

Saturday morning, we woke up to a text of ze husband's aunt asking us if we wanted to check out the Nike Park Outlet in Sta. Rosa Laguna. We couldn't say no to her so off we went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa in Laguna.

We arrived before lunch with high hopes of finding pretty pairs of trainers.
None appealed to us. There were far more choices in the Nike Outlet in Petron back in the North.

Since we forgot to bring any of Monica's footwear, we took the chance of getting her first pair of rubber shoes.
We got the Hot Pink / Silver combination. Affordably priced at Php 1695.

Next stop, we went to Nike Outlet in Total Gas Station in Calamba. Found two potential pairs but they only had sizes 11-13.

We concluded that the trip was somehow a waste of time, energy, and gas.

Headed home, we decided to might as well drop by in Adidas Outet Store in Petron C5 Taguig City. Incidentally, they were on 70% off and people who seemed to look like from Mahogany Place filled the place The store offered really broken sizes.

Market! Market! was the next stop. Is it obvious now that we were desperately looking for trainers?

After spending two hours or more in Sports Warehouse, I was given the chance to have this pretty pair of Nike Air Max 10K

Ze husband picked this for me and I especially love the shoe lace print that matches the insole as well. Did I mention that is compatible with the Nike + Ipod Sports Kit?
Take The Lead

As for Ze husband, he got himself a pair of New Balance shoes that's more like pamorma than trainers. We were surprised that it wasn't discounted. Finally, after months of checking it everytime we go to malls, he finally has it!

As for Mateo, we didn't buy him any. We all know how fast their feetoes grow.

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