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29 June 2009

US in High Street. One of Monica's favorite places. Every single day, she tells me "mommy want go to high street?"
That or "mommy want go fully booked"
That or "mommy want see fountain?"
Mateo almost 1 is more kulet and likot than ever. Im actually scared. He's very demanding and wouldn't take no. Growing 4 teeth, he's not that much of a biter anymore.
As for ze husband, he will be leaving last week of July. *sob* He's been on vacation for 8 months, the longest ever. We'll both definitely have a hard time letting go and adjusting.
Me, believe it or not, i am looking for a job. But i have a few considerations like, It can only be in Market! Market! or High Street.

1 comment:

Vannie said...

looking for a job? how come? me naman, might stop working na. bahala na hahaha.