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19 June 2009

Windows Live Writer

I'm a Mac convert since 2007 and never looked back.

Until yesterday.  I borrowed ze husband's laptop pc because.. well, nothing really.  For a change.  Just so I could somehow re-learn PC.

My, my, my.. I saw this neat application, Windows Live Writer, very helpful for bloggers.  It lets you blog even if you're not connected to the internet and save it as draft.  It so much easier to insert images, videos, and format fonts.  Plus it lets you see how it will look when published as you type.  It's WYSIWYG.

So on I searched for a similar blog editor for Mac.  Spent the whole day searching, installing, and trying them out. 

NOTHING compares to Windows Live Writer.

I've tried Qumana, Flock, Ecto, Rapid Weaver, and this one I'm trying, ScribeFire, an add-on for Firefox.

NOTHING beats Windows Live Writer.

Further research brought me to a site that I can actually run Windows Live Writer on my Mac but I have to purchase and install VMWare Fusion first.
I'm really not the type who installs a lot of extras and I don't like the idea of buying it just so I can run Windows based applications.

Well, if there's one thing I miss with PC, it has got to be Windows Live Writer.

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