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11 August 2009


If you watch Only You the teleserye in ABS-CBN, you would be familiar with talangkanin meal.

Recently, we ate in Kaya Restaurant in Power Plant. Norvz and I, we've always loved the food there. Yummy even if a bit on the pricey side.

We were intrigued with their Talangkanin Aligue Bibimbap Meal.
Yes, we do watch the teleserye. Actually, it's more for the angels/yayas. After dinner, they get to watch their teleserye while they take care of the kids.

It adds up to the electricity bill but at least I get to keep my sanity. I get to have aids in taking care of the kids. Enough of that.

Here is the Talangkanin Meal from Kaya
It's yummier than it looks. I can imagine myself eating this when I'm really famished after a long day in the mall. It's got squid, shrimp, carrots, mushrooms, egg, and my favorite, togue!

Php 220+

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