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27 August 2009

This Is It..

I can't describe how I exactly feel right now.

My heart feel so heavy and I'm too stressed that my tummy is aching. More like churning. That's how I am when stressed or sad.

I woke up to a call informing us about HIS flight details.

September 1, 2009 at 1am.

I'll sleep without him and I'll wake up not seeing him anymore.
The mere thought of it makes me want to cry.

Bakit ba nauso pa ang trabahong seaman?

I know I can take care of the kids. I can take care of myself.
It's just that, it's gonna be sooooooo hard to spend each day without him.

I'm back to being uninspired. Being careless of how I look. Being quiet.
You see, he's really the ONLY ONE I can talk to about anything and everything.
It's so easy to have a conversation with him.
We get too many ideas from each other, i love it!

But all of that, it will be gone...

I'm really just feeling down right now...

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