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10 September 2009


Ok, ze husband told me that from Belgium, they will be going to Asia. Five ports in Asia actually.

That includes Malaysia.

So I figured, maybe it would be possible for me to fly there and see him for just a few hours. Maybe I could give him the back massage that I'm sure he definitely needs and misses. Malaysia doesn't require any visa. As far as I know.

But I asked my dad and he gave me an aswer I didn't really expect.

I'm still too young at this.

He told me that I still have to communicate with the agents in Malaysia just so I can enter/hop on the ship. And that I have to pay some fees. I don't know if that's true or it's just how he thinks it is.

I'm disappointed. Going to Malaysia is so cheap! I checked Cebu Pacific already. Php 4000 all i for a one way ticket.

I really just wanna see him in Port Klang, Malaysia...

1 comment:

Vannie said...

yup, you have to tell the manning agent, seek approval, then coordinate with the agent, pay agency fees, and most importantly, if Master onboard will allow you to go onboard OR allow husband to go on shore leave. it really is complicated. but you can ask your manning agent about it.