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26 November 2009

Another Attempt

I've lost count.

I've lost count of how many times I tried to include staying fit in my life.

Back in college, my mother funded my membership in Fitness First. It was a passport membership so I had access to any center. During that time, Robinson's Tower along Ayala Avenue was the coolest and nearest area for me since I'd be coming from school. A couple of months after, or probably 4, I got lazy. But I remember saying it got in the way of my thesis completion. So we cancelled the membership.

Not too long after, I was so eager to try out belly dancing and yoga. I can't seem to find a friend with a similar interest and back then, yoga and belly dancing weren't too in. Meaning, you'd really have to go out of your way just to attend classes. My solution, buy a CD compilation of both.

I still have them. Hmm, maybe I could sell them?

Going back, belly dancing was so much fun. It was very sensual. And I loved that. I'm comfortable and I love sexuality and sensuality. BUT as a college student, I found it expensive to attend classes worth Php 600 per session plus fare plus time plus I had to buy accessories. During that time, my concern was to save money so I could go out with NORVZ and eat and buy whatever we liked.

Then I bought YOGA CDsand tried them at home. I did it for a couple of months too. And I swear! Each and everytime, I get so sleepy during the routines. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't know.

I think I'm too active for YOGA. But it's one of my frustrations in life.

Is it so obvious in this blog that I have a lot of FRUSTRATIONS. It's okay, they are of different levels. Hahahaha. Doesn't really affect of how I view life and how I relate with people. :))

Alright, years have passed, got into a freak accident, got married, got pregnant, gave birth, got pregnant, gave birth and on to the present..

October 2008, I blogged about signing up impulsively with Fitness First again, The Fort branch. The nearest gym. I wasted 6 months worth of fees there. After paying the intial fee, I never came back, I wasn't even able to get my starter kit.


So I forgot about gym, sulked in my stubborn post-partum weight. I really didn't like looking in mirrors and I didn't have enough appetite for shopping. I only splurged for the kids. That's how I vented it out.

Then I heard about CURVES.

Knowing that it's exclusively for women, I was so sold already. Plus the fact that it's just in Serendra, oh so near! Don't you know that's my future home?? *The SECRET in action*

But the price. I was scared that it might be too steep given the location and that it's a franchise...

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I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
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