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13 November 2009

Gambling Online

I haven't had any real form of gambling. I'm such a saint. NOT!

Well, my greatest attempt at gambling was when I was in high school and would play lucky 9 with my friends. Nothing big, just .50c

I've always wanted to go to casinos but I'm afraid that I'll get so hooked. I know myself very well.
Just look at this photo taken last month when we went to San Miguel By The Bay. There's the whole family around that coin-eating machine. We all went crazy with that game. The idea is to shoot a coin inside and the plate will push the coin towards the other coins that must drop, that's how you win.

We probably spent more than a thousand pesos there, it was so addicting.

On one of my nightly dates on the internet, i found this online casino which I think is "safer" for the kind of person that I am. Since it's billed in pounds, I can limit myself. They accept various types of payment, so convenient!

They don't only offer poker, they have games and slot machines too. And once you refer your friends, you can earn credits too.

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