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21 November 2009

I Did It!

And I'm not sure if I can go through it again..

Today was my scheduled first session of laser hair removal.

I told myself I will take pictures and probably a video so I can share here and something I can show to ze husband when he comes home.. NEXT YEAR!! Tagal!

Should you decide to undergo laser, you will only be required to have your auxiliary hair at 3mm. Very short. Think unshaven underarms for 3-5 days. If it's longer than that, the doctor or aesthetician will have to trim it. Dyahe! Much like what happened to me. Hahaha.

Next, you'll be in for a surprise if you have a mole on your armpits. I do! The doctor will have to cover it up so laser won't go through it. That is NOT safe!

So I failed to take a picture or a video because I was too preoccupied with the thought of how much it would hurt.

She used EpiFree Radiancy Machine. It looks exactly like this

EpiFree – The Professional Light-based Permanent Hair Removal System
Parlain has newly introduced professional light-based hair removal system EpiFree into Hong Kong and China market. This equipment is developed by the Israel company, Radiancy, which adopts their patented LHE® (Light & Heat Energy) Microphototherapy to bring us the new effective hair removal system. EpiFree utilizes specific light wavelengths and pulse durations to selectively target and coagulate the melanin found in hair follicles with minimal effect to the surrounding skin tissue. With Epifree, permanent hair removal will be achieved under the professional, painless and safe treatment under simple operation. The manufacturer, Radiancy, obtains the EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 and the equipment has been successfully obtained the CE certificate for their guaranteed quality. When compare with the Intense Pulsed Light and Laser hair removal equipment, the user can experience a 50% faster result by EpiFree!

After trimming the hair, she applied Cetaphil on the area and wiped it dry then she applied a really cold pack. Probably to numb the skin a little.

I heard a beeping sound from the machine, signaling her that it's ready, she presses down the razor-like thing on my underarm and a red light flared out of the "gun"

The feeling?

It felt like I have been snapped with a THICK rubber band that is REALLY HOT!

In one armpit, she probably "gunned" me around 12-15 times.

I kept thinking and reliving the moment when I first tried to stand up after going through a CS operation. Do you remember the feeling when the uterus goes down and shrinks and tries to go back from its place? Of course that situation hurt more, but that was 2 years ago!

While I was there, I kept thinking:


I'm scheduled to go back next week.

I think I'm gonna have to take a rest for a couple of weeks first..

Bahala na.


leslie said...

hi lil! may i know the name the dermatologist? how much is it per session? thanks!

LiL said...

Posted an entry as my reply to you.
Thanks for reading!
Drop by always! :))