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24 November 2009


Has it been 2 days?

Two days since I last posted here? Ooh, I've almost drowned from all the articles I was supposed to write and was feeling extremely lackadaisical.

Most of the time I was away here, I was just on Facebook eagerly checking out updates from friends and alternating it with Plants VS Zombies. So addicting these two. It's really not healthy anymore.

So I will be posting a few more entries here since I will be doing more articles in the coming days.

I gotta work really hard, Christmas is fast approaching and bills are not getting any friendlier.

So here's a photo of the kids lounging around in their duvet turned playmat.

At night, though, no matter what, they won't let me cover them up with a blanket. It's just impossible. Once they feel the blanket, they start squirming until the blanket comes off.
Just look at this photo..
Maybe I can make them change their minds if I have a custom-made Photo Blanket? This is such an ingenious product and it just gave me a brilliant idea! will be researching on that soon.

Once I'm done with my articles.

I really just want to raise some money.
I promise no more spending come January. A clean start!

I need to start saving, come January, it will only be 5 months before ze husband comes home.

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