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07 November 2009

Job Application

The other night, I got a call from the sole company I applied for that I was actually considered/ chosen for the position I applied for, recruiter. Let's not use any technical terms here.

Surprising because I wasn't expecting it anymore. Why? I applied July 2009.
After several interviews including one which I consider the worst interview/ interviewer I ever had.

She had the most vague questions. And she is guilty of asking multiple questions in one go that I didn't know which to answer anymore. If i do try to answer, she gives me this look or statement that implies I didn't understand her question/ questionS!

She is also in front of a PC, nothing wrong with that. Well, I don't really know what she was doing--transcribing our conversation, chatting or i hope, real work duties.

What I didn't like was she was too busy with it that she couldn't understand me anymore. Again giving me the look of poor comprehension.

I'm not stupid, ok?!


Friday, I went to the office way ahead of the scheduled time so I can view the contract. I arrived 1pm, but the guard told me that P will only arrive by 3pm(!!!!)

I have never done that to an applicant!! EVER!!

I have kids, you know! And a sick mother! I didn't wanna go anymore actually but I didn't wanna leave a bad record.

So we waited in Market! Market! Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

3pm, I got a call, informing me that the new HR director wants to see me first. Oh darn, another interview. Labo!

So I waited for a good 30 minutes. Tsk, tsk.
Then the interview.

It went well.

Super went well, that, let's just say I got accepted.

Now, on to the real problem.

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