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17 November 2009

Loot For The Day


I refuse to wear a watch. I once swore that I will ONLY wear a watch if it was a:
- Patek Philippe
- Cartier
- TW Steel
- Tag Heuer (this is probably the cheapest among the 4)
- or Lacoste, if I have to be forced. And also for the love of the brand.

Ok, I don't dream or I don't have plans of collecting watches. I do know that it adds "oomph" to any outfit and it can say a lot about a person. But really, I do not wish to have a Rolex, an Omega, a Bulgari, an IWC, Jaeger, not even Philip Stein.

My only requirement is that it has to be oversized.

Five years ago, I realized my arm doesn't look good in girly and tiny watches.

BIG ones flatter my arm the most. And I think it suits my personality more.

Believe me, I've tried a lot of times, the small ones, they just won't do it.

Anyway, i admit that it's gonna take years before I can actually afford my dream watch, that would be Patek. And because I got bored in the mall today. And also I wanna try to teach Monica how to tell time, I've decided to give in and buy a Swatch.

The kids won't be able to resist wearing them and learning time would be fun because of the colors. I bought two watches.

I'll let my kids have this in due time. I'm sure Swatch can stand the test of time. Php 2700

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The second one has a box like this. I was told it's a numbered collection, meaning it's limited and produced around a hundred, i think.

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Inside the box. Php 4500

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See, in any watch, in any type or any brand, I have one problem. It can never fit my tiny arm.

So weird. My wrist is so thin, they won't fit perfectly.

But don't take my word for it because I haven't really dared wear or try on a Patek.
With a Tag, the watch stays an inch away from my wristbone.

Oh well.

But wait, after these 2 purchases, I have this urge of buying more Swatches.

The designs are so fun and cute.


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