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26 November 2009

Really BAD News

My father came home with a very bad news for all seafarers and the wives...

Due to recession (all the while I thought, America was catching up. But what the heck do I know about economy, right??)

Anyway, due to recession, wages will be be reduced by 10-20%.

This applies for all agencies. All ranks and levels..

This is heartbreaking. I really feel so weak about this.

It's said that ONLY tanker vessels will be exempted from this.

Ok, fine, recession won't take forever. I'm sure economy will get better.

BUT I'm also sure that it will take a LOOOOONG time before the salary can be increased again.

Why? Simple.

Why would these agencies, even if they can already, raise the salary again when the crew are actually "not complaining" about it. Of course, seamen would just keep working, they really have no choice.

UNLESS, some rule or law will ORDER these agencies to increase the salary again...


It's like all my energy has been sucked out of me.
I don't even feel like talking to my kids...

It would be selfish for me to ask my husband to transfer to tanker. I don't think I can ask him to do that. And I don't think if I can bear the thought/ worry of him in a tanker vessel...

1 comment:

Ena V. Doner said...

everybody is hit by the recession thing..,...
=) think positive wag kang aayaw.
--robin padilla--- hehehehehe