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26 November 2009

You Asked, I Answer 2

Leslie asked:

for the name of my dermatologist and how much is a session of laser hair removal.

My answer:

Hi Leslie!
Thanks for reading my blog. [Here I go again feeling celebitchy, :) ]

Her name is Dr. Grace Chan. I'm not too sure with the first name. Hahaha.
She holds clinic in QC, i don't know where exactly. Another one along Bayani Road, near Heritage Park. That's where I go.

She doesn't do hospitals anymore because her kids keep her busy. She looks okay coz she was using an LV Speedy 30 and drives a 2009 Honda CR-V. Nothing, at least we know she's not some cheap-y doctor, right?

For the underarm laser hair removal, she charges Php 1500 per session.
That's half of what Facial Care Centre, Skin 101, Dermstrata, Let's Face It, Clarity for Healthway charges. ;-)

If you want her number, leave me a comment with ur email. Don't worry, I won't publish your comment. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I would also like to know Dra. Chan's contact number =)

Kindly email me at