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30 November 2009

You Asked, I Answer... Apps

Beth asked:
Where can I download apps for the iPod touch?

You can get the apps form the iTunes store. When you buy an iPod touch or an iPhone, you need to have PC with you with installed iTunes. You need iTunes so you can activate the iPod or iPhone.
The process is very simple. Just plug it in and follow step by step instructions. It will ask for your credit card number so you can make purchases form the store.

There are sooo many apps available. When we first got the kids the iPod touch, i promised myself that I will only get the FREE ones. There are tons and tons of them, believe me!

But later on, I can't resist the urge of buying apps for the kids especially when I know they will benefit from it. Most apps are just .99c, and that's just Php 48. CHEAPER than a coloring book :)

I don't think I spent more than .99 US cents.

Mateo, my 1 year old now knows his shapes. Thanks to iPod.

It's also good for practicing their fingers in preparation when they write because they learn how to control their finger movements.

Right now, I already have over a 200 applications for the kids. And only five are paid.


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