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10 January 2009

Don't Count Me In

Nope, I won't be greeting you a Merry Christmas. Because I don't feel like it especially when it has ended already. Yes, I could be a snob. But maybe because I'm sleepy too and just forcing myself to blog for the love of $$$.

Too bad I don't have an e-card to post here or send out to everyone. I seriously have to start looking for one, probably from those that also provide discount wedding invitations. Really, wouldn't it be nice if I had a personalized e-card to give away. You see, sometimes I feel like I'm such a celebitchy, as if people would care if they see my family's face on the card. Hahaha.

No, I take it back. I don't feel like a celebrity.

I'm really just vain. I love seeing my face. Hahahaha.
I don't think that sounded good.

While I still don't have a card, here's a photo of me and my kids sans ze husband.
December 23 in Policarpio St., Mandaluyong

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