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27 December 2009

Pinoy Showbiz

I have a wee bit of kabaduyan in my blood.

I rarely watch TV nowadays. I'm almost always just glued on my laptop.
There was a time when I was crazy over Kapamilya teleseryes. I would get so carried away, it's not healthy anymore.

There are times when I do catch a few parts of TV shows especially when the household help are watching. Yup, it's a privilege we give them. As long as they can still take care of the kids.

I do have my favorites.

I definitely ADORE Sarah Geronimo that I want to be her friend! Hahahaha!!!
Seriously, I love how she sings so well. Her diction is never compromised no matter what she sings. She's a total performer, in my own humble opinion. She seems to be a real and simple celebrity. She needs a new stylist, though.

But with this new Record Breaker Music Video for Sunsilk, fashion styling greatly improved. Let's just see for other upcoming endorsements she will have.

Here's the video:

Aside from Sarah Geronimo,

I'm loving Kim Chui too. Shux, I don't even know if it's spelled as Chiu or Chui. Whatever.
I want to be as thin as her. She has a very pretty face. Very natural. I think she's the only Chinese-looking girl I find pretty. And yes, even during the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition days, I've been crushing on Gerald Anderson already. Hahaha. Ze husband is not liking it, well, he just finds it funny since Anderson is too young.

I do have a few more pinoy celebrities I like but I'm feeling a little bit lazy on a Sunday afternoon and badly missing my Prince Charming.

I hate Nikki Gil, especially when you read her tweets. I also think she had something done on her face because her looks have improved a lot. And when I catch her on TV, she seems to me like a horny girl especially when she's around Billy Crawford.
In kanto terms, para siyang laging hot na hot. Not proper for TV at all!

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