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07 January 2010

And The EPAL Award Goes To....

Who would've thought you're still alive?
Glad to know. BARF Arf Arf. Hahahaha! Can't help but laugh.

Anyway, since you claim to be a guy, I suddenly thought that..

For somebody like you to be a GUY, my oh my, you are so QUEER!!!

Eew laughter. BARF. (on your face) :p

I meant *guffaw*

With that, I would like to greet you back..

Happy New QUEER!
Oops, sorry, I meant year.
Doesn't matter. You're gonna die soon anyway. (just joking. or maybe not)
*an image of you crossing the road, preferably along C5, hit by a truck*

or if you're so rich that you smell like moolah-- you know the kind that comes from the palengke. What did you think, fresh from the bank??

*an image of you being poisoned by your muchachas or by your lover boy so he can steal all your wealth*

I had fun doing this! I could BARF arf arf arf on your face from too much laughter.

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