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08 January 2010

And It Starts..

Time for some PPP lovin'.

Yes, it's starting again.
Whatever happened to my motivation to lose weight and look fab as much as I can??

I don't wanna gain weight and hopefully not require myself to undergo bariatric surgery houston

No, NO, NO, NO!

I'm too vain. I won't be able to forgive myself.
I decided to get married early and have kids as early as I can just so I can have greater chances of getting my shape weight back.  And I am thankful that I am just 6 lbs away from my dream weight.  I don't care if I think and look anorexic.  To each his own. Hahaha.

A few lot of toning would be a good idea, though.  And didn't I tell you that working out is especially good for me since I had a back injury?

This afternoon, I got a phonecall from CURVES asking why I haven't returned to the center for a couple of weeks now.


Here's to hoping I can visit them next week and the coming weeks.

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