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25 January 2010

Blogs Turned Books!!!

Alright, I am so ecstatic about this.  After fixing a PPP post and publishing it, this is what greeted surprised me.

If you have a blog, you can now turn them into books either in soft or hard cover.  Plus, you also have the option of choosing the front and back cover or if you feel like you're so much of an author that you plan to put some introduction and what-nots on the first few pages.

You may also opt to convert your blog into an e-book if you want it cheaper.

Once you start the process, you will be shown a preview of your book and make some more changes before having it printed.  And what's even better is they offer FREE SHIPPING! Though I'm sure that's limited to USA only.

But, whatever. The idea still ROCKS! Yikes, I think that's the FIRST time I EVER used that adjective in my ENTIRE life! Hahaha!

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