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15 January 2010

Christmas And An Accident

Reposted from January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009 was a whole lot different from our previous Christmases.

Wait, don't get confused. The Christmas I'm referring is actually the eve. We always celebrate on the eve because the day itself we get to have our own activities.


This year, we decided to have potluck. My mom turns a year older every 24th. And she keeps complaining, she's never had a "happy" birthday because she's always cooking and ends up tired by midnight.

This year, my love wasn't around either. That's just so sad. We value Christmas and New Year more than our own birthdays.

And this year, my brother-in-law got into an accident.

Four days prior to Christmas eve, my sister has been ranting about his nightly activities. He never comes home on time and everytime he does, he smells like beer.
My sister understands that it's party season, what she doesn't get is she never gets a texts nor a call from the husband informing her of where he is and what time he plans to come home.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.. Very different from how Norvz and I deal with such things.

And the conflict starts with a big bike. The guy bought a 1200cc Yamaha bike which he struts everywhere around the metro.

Morning of 24th, still no text or call. My sister prepared herself that she won't be celebrating the Christmas with her husband.

By 10AM, she got a text and mentioned something about Tagaytay. She couldn't understand the text.

The moment I heard Tagaytay, I predicted something was wrong. It didn't feel and sound right to me.

And I was right.

Her husband got into a motorcycle accident in Tagaytay and is in the hospital.

Everybody panicked.

I instantly texted ze husband, being a motorcycle addict.
As you can see in this photo. Yamaha R-15

Don't be fooled with the bike's big body. It's still not allowed on SLEX :p

My text, to which ze husband replied,
Ang pagmomotor kasi hindi lang basta makasakay yan. Dapat marunong ka talaga. Hindi lang sa utak, by heart din

Major laugh trip my husband!!! Super!

So I asked him,
You mean to tell me, ikaw by heart ka so it gives you more right to own a 1000++cc bike?

He replied very confidently,
Oo! Simula pagkabata!

Yup he is very confident. He has every right to be.
He started very young. He was already doing motorcross.

He was just 11 or 12 back then. His parents bought him his own dirt bike. I don't know why he stopped. He could've made a career out of it.

Hearing from my BIL's story, it affirms my darling husband's guess. Ze husband told me the BIL didn't downshift. The BIL didn't tell me exactly or to anyone else.

Because it wasn't just an accident. It was a mistake.

Luckily, my BIL made it home by afternoon but he wasn't able to join the fun in opening presents.

He was in a sour mood too.

I heard the bike was in bad shape. Maybe I should refer him to auto body shop irvine.

So this Christmas, even if ze husband wasn't around, I felt grateful and loved for the kind of relationship and communication that we have.

We are the worst in fights but we are also definitely in sync when it comes to our partnership.

We are deeply in love with each other.

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