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13 January 2010

Flats and Plantar Fasciitis

I want something like this.  It's been so long, I can't remember when exactly, but I've always been a fan of flat shoes.  And only in 2008 I was diagnosed to have plantar fasciitis.

Meow by Jeff Campbell

Classic leather oxford in a 'goes with everything' cream color. Leather upper and insole.
Plantar fasciitis is when the soles of your feet hurt.  They hurt when you get up from the chair.  They hurt when you get up form bed early in the morning or after being on the bed for so long. Plantar fasciitis is also felt during long walks.  It's such a hard condition to deal with.

I've plantar fasciitis when I was still pregnant with Mateo, I've ballooned so big, my feet probably had a hard time carrying the weight of my ginormous body.

I had to wear Crocs every single time.

Up to now, almost two years later, I still can't walk for a long time when I'm using only Havaianas or any flat shoe.

But that's no reason for me to ignore the beauty of the shoes pictured above.

It goes with everything.


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