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19 January 2010

Frozen Starburst 2

Hi! Don't you worry about that.
I hope you don't mind I had your comment chopped off, I thought it was too personal.
My answer to your questions:
* well, I'm not sure about the members' demographic profile.  If it's any consolation, I'm only 25 years old and was able to get 3 of my friends sign up for it.
* from my experience, nope, the place never gets full.  I actually asked them, the maximum number of members that they allow to be inside is 24.  If there's more people, they ask the others to wait outside.  The whole circuit will take 30 minutes only.

* Curves Smart System, is that the one installed on the machines?  Honestly, the last time I went there was right before New Year, I didn't see it.  I'm just not too sure if they had it installed already.

They are actually very accommodating.  You can just walk-in there and inquire.  You can try out the equipments too.  I'm so sure they would be more than pleased to orient you.  They close at 730pm.

It's fun there.

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