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19 January 2010

Frozen Starburst

Hi there!

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment/ question.

Shucks, I am no expert in this field.

I used to be a member of Fitness First.  Twice actually

My opinions/ insights:
*  As a non-fitness enthusiast (well, I'm trying hard to be one), I find it hard to gym in Fitness First.  I feel so small among all the other members.  They are all so buffed and super dedicated in what they do. 
* Another is that in Fitness First or any other conventional gym, it's always better if you have a personal trainer.  Someone who can guide you or motivate you throughout your program.  And it's not cheap, ha!  I understand you have one or a couple of free sessions, but after that, you have to pay already.
* Third, from where I live, Curves is the nearest and most accessible to me. 
* As a mom, I feel that going to a conventional gym takes up so much time. 

* In Curves, it only takes 30 minutes for me to finish the routine/ circuit.

To answer your question,
YES, it can be rigorous.  It depends on your physical fitness level (if that's even the correct term).  For a non-active person like me, they require me to stick to the 30-minute program.

BUT once, I met this woman in her 40s, she did 2 or 3 rounds of circuit in one day.  I asked one of the trainers why, they told me that the girl lives a very active lifestyle.  She's a triathlete and plays tennis.

NOW, if you are not as active as her, it can still be rigorous.
The equipments have hydraulic system unlike the other gyms that use weights.

So that means, the faster you lift/ push/ pull, it gets harder.
I always run out of breath 10 minutes into the routine.    :p

I hope I answered your questions.
Sign up already! :)
It's so cheap pa.  Curves is a lot cheaper than Fitness First. Plus the service is more personalized.

Thank you!!

1 comment:

FrozenStarburst said...

Wow. I feel so honored having a dedicated post! Haha. But thank you :) I just have a few more questions. I really want to move gyms already and I work at the Fort so it's convenient:
- based on what I read most of the Curves members are older? Is this true?
- does it get too crowded that you have to wait?
- do thy have the curves smart system in place?

Thank you so much!!!! :) I'm so sorry for being kulit. I've searched all night long on Curves Manila and your blog is the only one that wrote about it! :)