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15 January 2010

Fully Booked

This is a repost from January 5, 2010
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My BIL's big bike is still in the repair shop. He's thinking of having some accessories shipped here like Accupressure. I'm not sure if my sister knows about his purchase plans.

Back to regular programming..

The day after Christmas, the kids and I were dragged to High Street because for some reason, my father wanted to drive at 10PM!!

Fearing for my kids' safety since my father is just relearning after 30 or so years, I brought my kids to Fully Booked.

I don't know a kid who doesn't enjoy books.
How many times have I declared in this blog and in my facebook page how much I love the smell of bookstores and books fresh from the box.

I can stay in a bookstore for hours on no end. And I feel sad for the country not to have a decent public library.

Here's a photo of the kids

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