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05 January 2010

Going Crazy

This is the life.

Exactly what is life? How would I want to spend or live my life?
Lately, my brain's been on a roll.
I can't seem to stop thinking about what the future holds OR how we should plan our future.
I think I earned wrinkles enough until the day I turn 35. That's 10 years from now.

Still young, you think?

------------- A BACKGROUNDER ------------------

You see, it was our decision to get married at such a young age of 21.
I'd say that was pretty cool.

While others were out partying and hopping from one relationship to another, while some are busy counting how many one-night stands they had, we were partying with relatives and close and monogamous friends.

Did we ever get tired of singlehood? Nope, I don't think so. But it didn't matter to us.
We were together for 6 years and had our fair share of parties and dates.

Now if you mean if we ever get tired of singlehood, as referring to be sluts, most likely, yes. Back when we were no more than but acquaintances.

The only thing we wanted was for us to get married, stay together as long as possible and have kids early.

He's a seaman.
We counted the days we can spend together versus being away from each other.
So instead of being a girlfriend waiting for her shorty to come home and spend nights in each of our own homes, we took the road less travelled.

We married and had sex every night! Kidding! No, I was serious. Hahaha, just joking!
It's up to you what you want to believe *snicker*

Three months after, I got pregnant. As I've always said, it was a welcome surprise.
Being married, we refused to be protected. What else is being married for, right?

Two years had passed and we are blessed with 2 kids, a girl and a boy.

We'd like to believe it was God who wanted me to get pregnant the 2nd time around.


Back in college, I always fantasized of getting married by 08.08.08
I thought about infinity and having the perfect age to get married, 24.
But of course, that changed. I wanted to get married EARLIER.

Due to fear of pills, I accidentally got pregnant the 2nd time.
We got scared. Can we actually take care of two kids when I had just resigned from work?

A couple of ultrasounds later, we learned that our second child is a BOY and he will have the perfect age by 08.08.08

In fact, his 38th week falls exactly on 08.08.08

I don't think so.


Then life went on.

Our kids Monica Marielle and Mateo Miguel are now 2 and 1.
Darling N passed his board exam so we hope for the better by 2010.
************ HURDLES ****************

1. Nobody is rushing us but we really want to have a place to call our own.
^^^^ we want no less than 130sqm in a house. Lot should be bigger than that. We dream of having 3 or more house floors. Probably a 2-car garage
^^^^ we only wanna be in the same area we are in now in. The thing is, there are no more vacant lots here. Should there be a house for sale, it's gonna be expensive plus we are so sure we would have to bring the house down and hire an architect to build our own.
^^^^ if we can't buy one here, we can only settle for Mahogany Place. But the price is just too high. And we can't design our own since there is a theme for the village.

>>> All those considered, I think we are now leaning towards buying a condo unit. Again, LOCATION is important. We only want The Fort or that DMCI area near C5.
^^^^ We want 2 or 3br unit and should be built with lots of greenery around. Think Serendra.


The kids are going to school already.

And do you know that 0-6 years of age is the most critical period? It is during this time that they absorb everything and most eager to learn. That only means we have to send them to a good school.


I'm going crazy thinking about these thoughts!!!!

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