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11 January 2010

I Have So Much Time Now

I've been advised by a very influential blogger on how to handle rude readers.

Yes, rude, as in those people who leave nasty comments.  Comments that are totally off-topic and judgmental.  Comments that are supposed to make the blog owner cry or feel bad.

Sorry but that won't happen.

Whatever reason I have why I keep a blog is none of your business.  Besides you don't even give me the money to keep this site up.
I started this without expecting that some people would eventually read it.

Because I'm bored, mag-asaran tayo.

This will be the last, though. Why? Because people like you don't deserve the attention that you are desperately seeking.

* If you think you're not pretty, don't blame me for it.  Don't be mad at me.
* Next time you mention a name from my distant past, make sure you are correct.  I can tolerate your POOR grammar or anyone else's but NOT spelling. Pangalan na nga lang, mali pa!
* Whoever said I'm sosyal?  My gosh!! How old are you? At your age, you still think that to speak in English is being pasosyal? You see, my friend, this blog right here is more than just a diary. I need to use the language. Now if I'm giving you a hard time, go click on that X button up there.
* You think I'm losyang? Hahahahahaha!!!! That's the funniest line ever! EVER!

* Too proud and all that? Are you serious?? If not for you, I wouldn't have known somebody reads this!! So thank you for proving otherwise.

* Yes, I came from PEMBO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  Never in my 25 years of existence have I been ashamed to say that.  I tell that to all my friends.  And you know what, the friends I made from that public school are the most genuine people I know.  In fact, we are all in constant communication now and having so much fun in our endless get-togethers.  I love that phase in my life.  I am a proud and successful product of a public school in Makati.  Ikaw, IS Manila ka ba?  Tss.
* Ranting other people? I can't quite understand that.  But anyway, I wasn't ranting.  I was merely stating a few facts.  Before you use a word, look it up first.
* Before you pray for me, why don't you offer a prayer for yourself?  And for that, thank you because you just increased the number of people who are praying for me! Yehey! Truly I am so blessed!

Let me quote you:
 "....and hey stop too pasusyal becouse you look so lusyang as in , your too proud and feeling... you keep on ranting other people..."

Pointers for review:
- susyal
- becouse
- lusyang
- your is totally different from you're

That's it!

This will be the last.

Ok, moving forward....


Letlet said...

my oh my!!! I knew about this because of fb... grabeh! i pitty this creature! magccomment nalang at mamimintas, mali pa spelling! hahahaha! kung sino man sya, sana tignan nya muna sarili nya... especially her spelling and grammar.

i agree to all what you said. this really made me laugh! as in super!!!

LiL said...

girl!!! I love you!!

oh well, ganon talaga, some people are too insecure at napakaraming hang-ups sa buhay.

Live and let go lang ang drama dapat!!