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30 January 2010

I Love You, Goodbye

Undoubtedly, the title is a flop.  Sorry but it really is.
 A very desperate attempt to use a song title.

Disclaimer: This ain't a movie review.

January 3, 2010.

I was also desperate to watch a movie.  I can't remember the last time I watched a decent movie.  When I say decent, I mean English adult film.  You really wanna know when?  It was in October 2006!!! Man, October 2006!  It was You, Me and Dupree-- the one with Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson.  The last movie Norvz and I watched.  I was pregnant with Monica then.  We watched after my work--in TELUS.

Last Christmas, all the household help got free movie tickets together with their gifts and bonuses.  Yes, free movie tickets care of Citibank.  Us, three sisters are all Citibank credit cardholders and I'm sure most of you know about their promo.  Spend at least Php 1500 anywhere and you get a free movie pass.  Let's just say I have a lot.  As in A WHOLE LOT.

Would it sound selfish if I confess that I found it hard to give my free movie passes away?  I wanted to save them until Norvz comes home but the claiming period is only until February.

So I am totally going off-topic now. Flop.

During MMFF week, of course the ANGELS --> that would be the members of the household help.
The angels wanted to go to the movies, they were excited. And they did.

Come January, I was left behind together with the other angel from Better Living.  So we watched the movie together. I didn't mind. :p

I'm no fan of Angelica Panganiban nor Gabby Concepcion.

I watched it just because my husband Derek Ramsay was in it.  Hahahaha.  I just like looking at his mole on the lower part of his left eye. Reminds me so much of my husband.

And also coz of Kim Chiu, wanted to see her bags and clothes.

Rambling, again.

I was a little bit surprised to actually relate my experiences with some parts of the movie. 

The seaman part, not so much.  The part that struck me most was their conversation by the bonfire.  It hit me in all the right places.  All of a sudden my memories from 2005-2006 flashed right in front of me.  Confession: I cried because it reminded me SO MUCH of what happened to Norvz and I.

Fast forward to scene of wedding preparations.  I took notice of the nice wedding invitations they showed because it looked classy and simple. 

The sudden turnaround of events was shocking--alarming, actually.  I didn't see that happening.  And because of that twist, I like the movie.  It wasn't the happy ending a typical Filipino was expecting but it added spice to a rather ordinary plot.

Now, if only I can find a DVD copy of that so Norvz can watch it come June.

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