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20 January 2010

I Want My Hands Full

Back when I was still working in TELUS, I loved how busy I was.  I was so busy I would often forget about lunch.  I loved it! No way for me to get fat. Hahaha.

Seriously, during my time, workload in TELUS Recruitment was just impossible.  My former co-workers would have to agree that it takes a lot of logic, strategy, patience, and determination to be able to finish the stuff we have to deal with every single day.  Weird because amidst all the heavy workload, we were so bonded and we always had a good laugh.

I remember one time, it was such a busy bee day for me and I had to find the perfect Valentine's Gifts, now let me gather my thoughts before I blog about that.  I was thinking of going to high-end stores just to make sure what I'll be getting ze husband will be very special.  I wanted to buy him something he can use for all his travels.

The moment I put down my stuff, I hurry (because I was always late, hahahaha) to the waiting area with my pen, clipboard, and mobile to call out the 10 names for interview. There were only 4 of us in the recruitment and everyday we'd receive 80-120 applicants with only around 10% passing.

I was a tough recruiter.  I'm known for that.  (Oh, how I miss it!)
This is the original Market! Market! team for TELUS.
Photo take November 3, 2006. Preggers with Monica already.  3 months, i think?

When all interviews are done or maybe while evaluating interviews, I would call up applicants to be scheduled the next day.  Either that or applicants who are already for job offer.  Hectic, I tell you.

By 5pm, we start endorsing the applicants to the operations.  After which, we prepare the contracts.  yes prepare as in from filling out the form box (is that what you call it?) in Word and print them out. How clerical! But I miss that!  Heck, I even miss using the stapler!

TELUS Recruitment Team. Market! Market! and Discovery Center Ortigas
Photo taken December 2006 or January 2007
Nesslyn, Patty, Jacqui, Gurneem, ME, Maffi, Tet, Monsi

Then we do the job offer.  It was one of the more challenging part of my job, to charm the applicants so they will sign the contract.  We had to really convince them to sign and make them realize how beneficial it was to work with TELUS.  We had to do that, our WEEKLY hiring requirements were insane!  INSANE!

The last team I was a part of.  Unbeatable bonding!
Photo taken October 2007, a few months before I filed for resignation. Haay...

So much for that.  Too obvious how much I miss working?  Err, how much I miss the art of Recruitment?

I have a job waiting for me. Yup.  And I'm looking forward.  More on that later.

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