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19 January 2010

I'm A Trainee???

Prior today, I was feeling really nervous and I was THIS close to backing out; after thinking about it in depth, I decided that I should
give it a go.

What was making me nervous?

Simple and nothing new, I am scared to leave my kids at home even if my Mommy is around, looking after the yaya. Regular readers are
probably sick and tired of hearing me say,
- i feel guilty everytime the kids are left at home for more than 3
- i dont want my kids to be solely taken care of by a yaya
- i dont feel comfortable that the yaya will be the one to feed the
kids and/or give them a bath
- simply put, I am not at peace that the yaya gets to spend more time
with my kids

(which probably leads you to asking, what else does my yaya do. Good question.) Praning na kung praning. I don't care. My husband and I agree on that.

I know, i know...
How many times have I heard the lines:

"Me time is important."
"A happy wife is a happy mom."

I do have my me-time. When we go malling even with kids, I consider that my me-time because i get de-stressed.
I become a happy wife when i get to purchase something-- not necessarily for me.
And I am happy and more at peace when I am with my kids.

Yes, I do leave them sometimes for a couple of hours when I go to the
gym or if I have to do quick errands.


After all of those prany thoughts, I decided to take the plunge and accept the job.

It's not a typical job. I'm home-based. Yey!

Finally! A legit home-based job here in the Philippines!

I'm now training which will last for 5 days from 9am to 6pm.

After that, I am free to work anytime and anywhere I want. And earn as
much as I can.

Surely, it's not as high-paying as my job in TELUS or the offer I got
recently from another BPO. Ugh, THAT offer. I still regret it up to now.

But my family is my priority.

So, YES, I am looking forward to complete the training and work from
home. This is what I have been looking for--for the past two years.
And it's finally here!

Plus I feel like I'm back in school. I love the feeling of being in school! Nerdy-nerdy lang. :))

I'm happy.

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