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28 January 2010

Is It Obvious?

This afternoon, my mother goose sold one of her mobile phones to one of the household helpers.  What is it with helpers and cellphones?  We've encountered a lot, mostly from my sister, fresh from the province, and the first thing that they want to buy here is a cell phone.  And not just any handset, they want something that has a cell phone television service!

I sometimes get surprised when I hear them talking to each other after just a couple of days being here in Manila, all they talk about it cell phones, models, and features.

In my case, I have nothing against them using it during work hours.  I'm quite lenient.  What I don't like is when my kid gets neglected or hurt because of a text or a call.  I am so sure that more often than not, the text is probably just a "love quote".  No reason for them to go rushing to grab their mobile.  I do understand their need ot be connected with their family and friends.  In the same manner that my mobile is attached to me especially when Norvz is docked somewhere.

Is it obvious that I am actually running out of things to talk about here?
Well, I'm still contemplating on how I can write the next few more relevant topics.

Since we're on the topic of mobile phones, I got an email from Nokia about this new phone, the X6. It's beautiful! But I really don't see myself buying a new phone anytime soon.  Not unless it's an Apple.
Really, it's so hard to replace the "JESUS phone."

And for that, I am so excited for the upcoming APPLE "Latest Creation" Event.  I hope I have the money to buy the goodies!!! *salivates*seizures*

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