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11 January 2010

Lolo Car's Birthday

 December 29, 2009

7pm, I got a text from my in-laws telling me that they will pick us up for an unplanned dinner since it's my Father In Law's birthday.

We arrived at Shakey's Makati Ave by 9pm and took advantage of their dicsount card.  Not too sure, was that Pizzanatic?
While we were there we talked about Ohio Property Managers
It's always nice to talk about dreams and and plans for investment  And I'm thankful I have in-laws I can talk comfortably with.  They're very open about anything and I haven't had conflicts with them.
I still have to discuss some things with ze husband about that night in Shakey's.

The kids ate chicken and mojos, as usual.
I was trying to call up ze husband, fail.

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