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29 January 2010

Multiply vs Flickr

A little over a year ago, I took the plunge and went premium with Multiply.  I was and still am scared of losing thousands and thousands of photos.  They are all that I have.

Late las year, I discovered that from $20, Multiply reduced its premium membership to just Php 800 ($ 17) yearly.  A little difference but it still matters to me.  It felt like a rip-off on my part.  That was also the time when I saw that some of my images were missing!  My media locker in Multiply can't load some of the images!  I panicked!!

Who wouldn't?!  After paying 2 years' worth of premium membership, my files get corrupted??
God thing, I burn all the images in a CD and I make use of my Mac's Time Machine.

Then I started getting serious with blogging.  I started searching for tools where I could just grab the images from my online storage so it won't use up my Picasa albums.

Flickr was an option since it's well-established and there were several apps that I could choose from.  The only drawback was the yearly fee of $ 24.95; I wanted it so badly mostly because of the feature of tags and being able to place a photo in several albums.  I'm dead OC so I needed that feature.  It gives me some sort of satisfaction and peace of mind.

With Multiply, my photos are all in the album where I save them as on my laptop. That's perfectly fine but when you have over 5,000 photos in one album, it's not helpful anymore.

Ease of use, I've got to hand it to Multiply.
Flickr is quite easy to but you have to get used to it.  And because it has more features, you have a lot more to learn.

With Multiply, you just turn your tiny little uploader in the background and it takes care of everything for you.
With Flickr, you drag and drop, then you are given the option to rename, give description, add tags, add to albums, and you can set the privacy of each and every single photo you will upload.  Although the website has too many menu and pages, it's a challenge to learn coming from Multiply.

Oh, and I paid Flickr via Paypal.  All that blogging paid off.

The question is, which provider should I pick?

My answer,

I honestly don't know yet.  I might have to stick with both of them but that would be costly.  Let's just see what happens.

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