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16 January 2010

Must. Not. Happen. Again.

Woke up at 6am today, looking forward to have a decent breakfast.  I was craving for bacon and fried rice. What a lethal combination!  Too bad, the cook, didn't prepare the rice.  So tell me, why is she called a cook again? Hahaha!!

I just settled to have taho worth Php 15.  And if you live where I live, you'd know that's a lot!  A lot, as in the bowl is full.  Confession, I haven't experienced eating taho in malls because I find it so expensive! And in the 4 years that I've studied in my beloved AC, I never attempted to buy an 8 oz. taho worth Php 20. Nope! No way!

I never thought this day would be so unproductive.  I feel bad now.  The moment I woke up, I started playing Plants vs Zombies already.  The only time I left my chair was when I had to eat lunch.  Oh, and of course, when I had to feed my kids and give them a bath.

It was ze husband's fault.

The other day, I sent him the .rar file of the game.  The moment he went back to the ship, he started playing and got hooked. Hahahaha!!!

He kept bragging about the levels he completed and me being stuck in Level 2. ONLY because I chose to blog, surf, write, and facebook.

We raced and checked who got to unlock levels and shared our own strategies.

I'm now in level 6-2.  I forced myself to stop.

Not healthy at all.

As I am typing away, ze husband is busy working, preparing to leave for Palmouth.  Wherever that is.

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