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28 January 2010

New Year and Real Estate

A photo of 4/7 grandkids in Starbucks in the Fort.

Again, I am so behind with updates.  In a day or two, I will be unbelievably busy with articles I have to finish by February 6.

No fail, whenever we go to any Starbucks branch or anywhere in High Street, we'd always receive real estate business cards from sales agent.  They are so tempting and I always want to have a chat with them.  Ugh! But I know it's too early for us to check on those.  Well, except if they are pre-selling.  That's an exemption.  Besides we are really not in a hurry. Well, we are in a hurry to get out of this place but not hurry, hurry. Rambling mdoe again.

Oh wait, so this was the night we came home from San Mateo. Thus the pambahay clothes of my chikitings.

Of all the flyers given out, I always find myself browsing on Alveo projects more.  Is it too far-fetched? Aah!! I don't care! I believe in "The Secret."

Let's see in 10 years?

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