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28 January 2010

...of Crystals and Glass

It will be a challenge for me to mention the exact date when I started loving crystals and anything glass.  Hmm, wait, maybe when I discovered about mirrors? Hahahaha!!! That's glass, right?  When I started taking pleasure in looking at my reflection every chance I get? Of course, I'm just joking.

Seriously, I really fancy anything crystal and glass, especially collectible Swarovski crystal figurines; they're so pretty to look at.  I'm always fascinated with how they are made.  And being much of an OC, I would love to take care of them. I would love to make sure they are always clean and scratch-free.

Enough about that.

Back in the day, even before GMask was launched, I made myself a personalized protection for my mobile, it was a Nokia 6600.  I remember going to Michelle's in Divisoria, an authorized reseller of Swarovski at low prices.  I spent a lot of money buying clear and hot pink Swarovski crystals.  When I went home, I turned into Martha Stewart, hahaha. I started to get crafty and hurt myself a lot of time with the glue gun and stick.

I attached the crystals on my phone's casing.  It was so lovely!  My friends kept asking me about it.  Hay, too bad I didn't get to take a picture of it. 

Someday soon, when we have our own place already, our house will consist mainly of glass and stainless steel.  And probably with wood pieces and some crystal collectibles.  Though I'm not really sure if those combinations would look good together. Hahahaha!!!

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