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28 January 2010

Time For More

I'm supposed to do a Rapidshare Search for more movies and a few clips for kids. But I'm having a hard time focusing because I want to blog about so much.  I'm developing short attention span because of the internet.  There's just so much you can find and learn around here.  But only trust the reliable websites, it's so easy to be lured in some marketing site.  On my list, I have to find Johnny and the Sprites, Pororo, Dany and Daddy, and a few other kid programs, and those from Baby TV too. I need to replace some of the videos in their iPod.

Just another casual thought from me. Tss.

I am so backlogged here.
Here are a couple of shots from January 1.
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My kids and I, together with my BIL and his family drove all the way to San Mateo to visit my MIL's mom.
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It's such a long drive.  I'm sorry that I always dread going there.  My kids are not used to long trips.  They can't stand being the car for too long.  This is tried and tested, the longest my kids can stay behaved in the car is for 10 minutes.  Just enough for a trip from our house to Market! Market!  Whenever we go farther like in Glorietta or anywhere Ayala, they start getting cranky, the time we reach the intersection entering McKinley Road.

So on our trip, I had to stuff them with food inside the car so they won't have time to think about the long trip.

We arrived there stress-free and sound. Hahaha.
The Lola was happy to see the kids.  And I was surprised that Monica actually talked to her.  She was telling her about colors and flowers.

The next time we go there will probably be when ze husband comes home.

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