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05 January 2010

Rubber Stamps

A few weeks before ze husband left, he told me to buy the kids their own rubber stamps. It's still a puzzle to me why of all things and he specifically wanted me to look for a good kind and buy a set for the kids.

I asked him, why stamps?

He plainly said, don't you think it will be fun for kids to stamp?

I gave no answer.

So every time we go to a toy store or book store, I look for some really nice rubber stamps.
There's a lot actually in Fully Booked.

But I can't accept the fact to pay no less than a thousand bucks for stamps.

Yes, they are so attractive to look at. But they are just stamps!

Oh well,maybe I haven't really searched well.

I might just have to settle to order from the link I placed above. I actually bought a cheap one, the kids didn't enjoy the stamps too much.  It must be because of the stamp pad ink and probably the stamp pattern. 

The other day, I saw a set of stamps composed of letters, I might consider that just incase I run out of options.  Preferably, I want something with shapes so they can build a few figures.

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