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11 January 2010

Stop - Spice Girls

December 31, 2009
Suddenly thought of listening to Spice Girls.
This is one of my favorite songs.  Well, it's really hard to pick just one.
I was such a die-hard fan, I love all their songs. Yes, until now.
My mommy was so kind to buy me all the magazines the Spice Girls covered for.
And postcards, calendars, clothes, everything collectible!

I was surprised that my kid loves this song too.
Taught her the steps and she willingly follows. Hahaha.

And yes, my friends from the neighborhood joined me in the Spice Girls craze.
I remember we would dance to their songs in our house.
I think I preferred Sporty Spice back then because she was the least favored.
She was Baby spice, I think? She's not a baby anymore.
While she was and still is Posh Spice

Girl Power!!!

1 comment:

Jo said...

This is so true....

And yes! you were the sporty spice Mel C. (now I remember)


I still love them too. And if they will have concert here, I'll surely watch..

Girl Power..

Yours truly,

Posh Spice =)