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28 January 2010

Torrent Download Fever

The many years I have been absorbed in the the internet, it was only the other day that I made an effort to actually learn about torrents.

During training, on one of the many idle moments we had, my co-trainees and I found a lot of things we had in common.  We were all fond of books.  Although I don't remember disclosing that piece of trivia about myself.

Then we talked about movies.  I told them how much of a loser I am not being able to watch movies simply because I only want to watch with my husband.  I can't even watch HBO.  Kids are always on Playhouse Disney.

Torrent files came into the picture and I thought it was high time to actually learn it.

When I got home, I immediately downloaded a bittorrent client
I didn't have a hard time deciding which to download.
I chose this for my torrents download

It's so easy to learn!  I can't believe I've let myself miss out on this for so long!
I'm now on a torrent download spree, getting all the movies I can.
For sure, ze husband will be so delighted we can go back to our movie nights.
Since we had kids, it was impossible for us to watch movies either at home or in theatres.
 BUT we are not complaining at all.  We just miss it most of the time.

And yes, instead of blogging, I got too busy downloading videos and burning them to CD.

Hmm, which gives me another idea, maybe I should buy another WD Passport where I can store all the movies?

Hint hint Norvz! Hahaha!!
No need for hints. Pa-cute lang.

WD Passport for torrent. Next target!

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