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14 February 2010

And Yet Another Round Of HD Pocket Camcorders Face-Off

Just before I started composing this entry, another pocket camcorder in HD added to my confusion.

I'm disappointed with myself.  I've been meaning to buy an HD pocket camcorder for our family since September of 2009.  Oh, I won't link it anymore.  It's in my archive.

So what has kept me from buying?


I'm not really a techie-type of person.
I can easily understand new technologies.  Yes, I can easily comprehend and easily attracted with new technologies.  That's why I'm so scared to buy an HD camcorder, it's such a trend now that I'm sure every few months or so, something better will be released and I'll be sad for not "waiting" for that product. Although mobile phones are easier to buy, because I know it's something that's really not meant to last for a year.  And yes, I can consider myself as a gadget slave.  One can never have enough gadgets.

And it seems that I have transferred that disease to ze husband. Hahaha! Nope, I'm not complaining at all.

Because I keep waiting for the "latest" HD pocket camcorder...
I'm losing Mateo's memories.  And Monica's too.

What I'm using now is the Sony T300 for video.  For still shots, I use the Canon from ze husband.  And that one I plan to make him bring next time he leaves.

Ok, going back!!!
I'm going astray again..

☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰    ☰  

The other day, after work, I got tempted to walk around the mall since it was still empty at 10am.
I wasn't looking for something specific.  Anything lang that I'd fancy.

In I went to Electronics Boutique.
On one of the shelves, I saw this shiny HOT PINK gadget.  I rushed and checked it.
I couldn't believe my eyes that it was JVC--because honestly, it looked like something "cloned" from China.
But the price is soo cheap!! It's hard to resist!
JVC Picsio GC-FM1
Php 11, 990
It boasts of full HD video coupled with 8MP still images.
No flash.
I have to admit, the casing looks REALLY tacky.  As in. And it seems brittle too.
Video is in .mov format.

Reason why I like this is because it's locally available unlike the other ones I love.

On another post, I will post side-by-side comparison with the other HD pocket camcorders.

You'll be impressed.

Once I got home, I researched about it and was convinced.  But the case! The case! It's not right!

Then I checked Sony if there's similar.
The Sony HD MHS-PM5V. Wow! Beyond words, wow!
I'm a sucker for Sony too.

$170, roughly around Php 8000
Full HD in mp4 format.
Still images at 5MP
No flash.
270-degree swivel lens.
MAC Compatible. Yehey!
And because it's a SONY, I love it already!

Sidenote: Norvz and I think that if SONY VAIO would ever be installed with a MAC OSX, we would definitely buy one. But that's impossible.

Not locally available. LOSER!

And while I was checking Amazon to grab pictures of the SONY PM5, I chanced upon this another product!

KODAK PlaySport Waterproof HD Pocket Camcorder and it's just $150!!!!!!
You can submerse it up to 10 feet or 3 meters of water!
Full HD video and 5MP still images.

So among the 3 brands, I'm egging on SONY but Kodak is making me confused since it's waterproof and cheaper. Considering I would have to buy this in Amazon.

As for JVC, its advantage is that I can buy it here in deferred payments.  I'm a sucker for deferred payments! Hahaha. I love the idea that I can buy more things!

But then, JVC is not too much of a popular brand and I might have a hard time buying accessories like battery for it.
And let's not forget about the tacky casing.

Here I go again...

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