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21 February 2010

Citibank GlobeShopper

First things first, I saw this banner on Citibank's website a couple of days ago but opted to finish my deadlines first before I proceed with blogging.  And as usual, I am so backlogged.  Eeep!!

I got so ecstatic when I saw this!
I'm really like that when I see something new but once I learn more about it, my energy subsides.  And the more I know about any new thing, I grow out of it.

Well, I just can't believe that Citibank went the extra mile.  They probably noticed a lot of cardholders purchasing online.  After checking the costs, the service is actually expensive.  Johnny Air is still the cheapest.  I even have a complimentary membership from MyUSbox but it's really just more expensive than Johnny Air.

Truth be known, I've never really tried purchasing something from US that's shipped here.  I'm too scared of the outcome.  I've only purchased a few online, this domain, Multiply premium account, Flickr Pro account, and a lot from iTunes.  Other than that, nada.  And yes, I find it hard to accept to pay for shipping fees.  Once I tally the charges, I chicken out.

And for a limited time, they are offering:

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