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08 February 2010

Finally Done

Ok, I'm thankful that I am finally done with my 8 articles.

Now I can breathe.
Now I can focus on blogging.
And, now I can focus on my new work.

Oh yes, THAT work that I am still in denial of.

Just a thought, while I am typing this, is it a bad sign that I am still in denial of my new job?
Would that mean I won't be happy with it and leave right away?

I am trying my best to love my new job but it's just hard for me.
I find it hard to accept that I am reduced to this.
Really, I have nothing against them.  I respect them.

It's just that I never saw myself working as one.

Yes, I have said that I am no longer working for career.  Seriously.  I am not.

And don't think I'm earning a lot.  I'm just lucky that I live 5 minutes away so I get to save on fare and on lunches.

And there it goes, I am rambling again.

Will resume blogging tomorrow after work.  Do expect some sponsored posts tomorrow.

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