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15 February 2010

HD Pocket Camcorder Graphical Review

Image-heavy post.  Collated a few essential points of comparison of HD Pocket Camcorders as seen in Camcorder Info

JVC Picsio GC FM1, priced at $199

just another Flip clone,....
Beneath the surface, the Picsio provides some impressive quality video that is, unfortunately, accompanied by a body design that lacks durability and reliability.

 • The flashy metallic aesthetic might demand an acquired taste.
• The large sensor has an impressive resolution.
• Fixed lens with an f/2.8 aperture.
• Tele-macro switch seems unreliable and sometimes impacts focus.

Now, here is a color comparison among JVC Picsio, FLIP HD, Sony Bloggie, Kodak ZX1

Clearly, the JVC is at par when it comes to color accuracy.

When it comes to Noise comparison, JVC Picsio does not disappoint

The Picsio turns out to be the sharpest, followed by Kodak ZX1, Sony Bloggie, and the lowest score going to Flip HD.

Here goes the comparison for video sharpness which is won again by JVC Picsio

In this page, you will see the motion test for the said HD pocket camcorders.

In low light comparisons,

Picsio makes use of SD cards. The bundled software is NOT Mac-compatible. Blah.

Aside from the side slider to switch between normal and macro, these are the buttons for zooming, power, trash, playback, etc.


Bottom left is Sony Bloggie.
Bottom right is Kodak ZX1


• The Picsio has better-looking video, but the Flip is easier to use.
• The Flip records to internal memory and relies on AA batteries for power.
• The Picsio records to SD/SDHC memory cards and is powered by an internal rechargeable battery.
• The built-in USB arm is more convenient and more reliable than the exposed USB port (and separate USB cable) of the Picsio.
• The Picsio records 1080p video (as opposed to 720p) and is capable of capturing still photographs.
In conclusion,
I can't choose among the four! Hahahaha!!! Effort pa to creathis post. Hahaha!!

To buy JVC FM1 Picsio, Sony Bloggie, Kodak ZX1, Flip HD

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